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Newest k100 e-cig mod colorful with best price

Newest  k100 e-cig mod colorful with best price 

Feature of K100:

1.Unique Telescopic

2.Battery cone can change length

3.Different battery capacity is available

4.Appearance is similar to the Empire State Building

5.Compatible with CE4/CE5/VIVI NOVA Atomizers.

6.Material is Anodized aluminum and Chrome electroplating.

Quick detail

* Full Mechanical Mod

* Telescopic

* Can fit 18350, 18490 AW, 18500, and 18650 battery

* 2 toned mod, COPPER/BRASS and high grade aluminum

* Silver Coated top and bottom firing pins

* With locking mechanism

* Adjustable button from 1mm to 2mm

* Built in connector

* Soft firing button (pinky friendly)


A standard kit contains:

K100 Battery tube    1pc

Battery                        2cs

Atomizer tube           1pc

Atomizer                     2pcs

Battery charger        1pc

Manual                        1pc

Picture show

K100 E-Cigarette (6)

K100 E-Cigarette (9)

Empire K100 MOD (3)

K100 E-Cigarette (7)


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